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Customized Turbomachinery Training Courses

Every company and each facility is unique in the use of its rotating equipment. The Boyce Consultancy Group, LLC understands that and offers customized training for specific needs requirements and goal achievements. Our expertise in training courses encompasses the petrochemical, manufacturing, maintenance, operations, power generation and public utilities among others. We are also proficient in Turbomachinery used on Off-shore platforms.

Our specific areas of extensive knowledge and experience are in the field of turbomachines, thus covering the majority of the machinery in refineries, chemical plants, and offshore platforms.
Customize training cover the following subject mix, differing in each application:

  • Gas turbines in various applications
  • Plant optimization
  • Preventative maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Compressor surge and mapping
  • Acceptance testing
  • Efficiency and degradation measurements
  • Machinery monitoring and health diagnostics
  • Case studies of various types of failures
  • Proper start-up and shut-down procedures
  • Best practices for operation of gas and steam turbines
  • Auxiliary systems

Customized training courses are masterfully instructed by professionals in their field for a personalized experience with one-on-one Q&A and distribution of resource materials for future reference and reflection.

Customization Process

We customize training course content for your company, your people, your processes, and the technology for your plants. The customization process involves direct consultation and partnership with all your key stakeholders before and during the creation of the course.

We focus on thoroughly understanding your needs and together we determine the depth of material and training outcomes that need to be realized all along taking into account the level of experience of the attendee audience so that we target exactly the desired results. Because of our attention to detail, your people receive learning solutions that are efficient and effective for their job performance needs and demands. Some examples are GE and Sasol.

Testimonials From Our Recent Course Participants Worldwide

Alberto Perez Robles (Spain)

It has been an overall view of the combined cycle PP where there has been special and good interest on the compressors and gas turbines topics. Professor has very good knowledge and background on them so it has been one of the most interesting courses I have attended.

Mohammed Akbar-Alam (Saudi Arabia)

A transforming short journey from basic to high end advantage technology combined cycle power plant with amazing case studies and experiences shared by the instructor

Pablo Alvarez (France)

The instructor is like a gold mine of knowledge you’ll get an answer for almost any question you have.

Carvas Fernandes (Portugal)

The knowledge and the quality of information is very good and by making this training we can get a good overview of Power Industry

Turpin Florent (France)

Excellent overview on the last advanced technologies on gas turbines based on examples from most well-known manufactures. Questions are answered in detail with sound argumentation.

Kim Jae Seop (Korea)

Thanks to your lecture. The lecture contents based on the instructor’s experience was so helpful. By attending this course, you can have a view of the overall plant.

Steven Williams (USA)

Content was very pertinent to things I encounter daily, also like the down to earth attitude of the instructor.

Manuel Crespo (Spain)

Very well presented, I enjoyed it a lot, especially with the practical cases. Very interesting, especially the part regarding Gas Turbines/Compressors. For anyone interested in Combined Cycles, I believe it is a very good course.